Alex Layzell


Alex Layzell

What’s your role in the team?

Social Media Manager, Motorsport writer

Where can we find you?

Twitter (@AJL_F1)
Facebook (AJLF1)
Instagram (@ajlf1)

What do you like about being a Scuderia Essaar member?

Being part of such a unique group! A group of individuals which are geographically and culturally diverse with a strong common passion.

Which Motorsports do you follow?

Formula 1, GP2, GP3, and annual events such as ROC and Daytona 24.

Which is your favourite racetrack?


Which Motorsport occurrence would you most like to have been in the paddock reporting on first-hand?

Felipe Massa at his (as was) last home race of his F1 career in 2016. Heartbreaking crash then emotional pit walk in the rain as he is joined by his family receiving applause from the crowd and pit crews.

Which living Motorsport figure would you most like to have a 20-minute exclusive interview with?

Michael Schumacher

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