BWRDC: Sarah Moore Takes It All

BWRDC weekend winner Sarah Moore | via MW Motorsport Media

Former Ginetta Junior Sarah Moore was the fastest lady on track on Sunday, 5th November, winning the British Women Racing Drivers’ Club Ladies’ Handicap on scratch. The Yorkshire driver, in a Ginetta G50, stormed through the 19-car field, lapping most of her rivals at least twice.

Katie Milner, the 2016 Junior Saloon Car champion, was second, in a Ginetta G40, and Nathalie McGloin third in her Porsche Cayman, not far behind.

The race was open to all closed-wheel cars, from modern GT cars like the Ginettas, through to Tina Cooper’s original Mini and Hannah Brian’s MG Metro. Bridgette Smart was particularly impressive in her smart Sylva Phoenix, a small kit car, coming in fourth.

The race, however, had a sting in its tail. In order for there to be a fair fight between cars of such varying size and performance, it was run as a handicap. This is something that isn’t done very much these days, although it was common at the likes of Brooklands. In a handicap of this kind, each driver and car combination is assessed, and an optimum time decided for them. Once the race is over, the difference between the driver’s actual time and her handicap time is calculated. The winner is the driver who comes closest to her handicap time.

Moore, a late addition to the field, was given a fiendishly low handicap time of 20:22.50, which she missed by almost 15 seconds, leaving her tenth on handicap. Milner was the winner, coming within 20.45s of her handicap time. Former BWRDC president Gail Hill was second in her Jaguar XJS, and Maxine Nicholls third in a Toyota MR2. McGloin was ninth and Smart was 16th, just ahead of Morgan driver Sharlie Goddard, who had run strongly and consistently and finished sixth on scratch.

The BWRDC race was an end-of-season celebration, part of the Formula Ford Walter Hayes Trophy.

Sarah Moore (centre) with her fellow drivers | via MW Motorsport Media