European F3: Günther ends win drought in Season Finale

Source: @PREMA_Team

Maximilian Günther (Prema Powerteam) ended his winning drought to take the chequered flag in the final race of the 2017 FIA Formula Three European Championship.

The German driver led form pole position whilst team-mate Callum Ilott had a slow start from second and dropped down to sixth.

In the opening laps, Joel Eriksson (Motopark), got Jake Hughes (Hitech GP) and Guanyu Zhou (Prema Powerteam) in quick succession to move up from fourth to second.

Shortly after, the full course yellow was deployed after Ferdinand Habsburg (Carlin) front left wheel tapped the back of Tadasuke Makino (Hitech GP), causing the Austrian driver to break the suspension and skid off into the tyre barrier.

When the racing resumed, Günther and Eriksson pulled away from the chasing pack and stayed that way at the finish, whilst the Drivers’ Champion, Lando Norris (Carlin), quickly got passed Hughes to move into fourth, before Ilott did the same a couple of laps later to take fifth.

After a bad run of form, Günther was pleased with how the season ended: “I had a really good start, pulled the gap and got quite a good lead. From there I managed my race, and managed my tyres – I’m really happy to win here in the motordrome; for a German driver that’s really special.”

Hughes crossed the line, but received a five second time penalty for an infringement under the full course yellow period, and was demoted to eighth, behind Pedro Piquet (Van Amersfoort Racing) and team-mate Nikita Mazepin.

Joey Mawson (Van Amersfoort Racing) finished a tough season in ninth place with David Beckmann (Motopark) in tenth.

FIA Formula Three Round Thirty Starting Grid:

1 Maximilian Günther (GER), Prema Powerteam, 1:31.961 2 Callum Ilott (GBR), Prema Powerteam, 1:31.974
3 Guanyu Zhou (CHN), Prema Powerteam, 1:32.112 4 Jake Hughes (GBR), Hitech GP, 1:32.133
5 Joel Eriksson (SWE), Motopark, 1:32.143 6 Lando Norris (GBR), Carlin, 1:32.194
7 Tadasuke Makino (JPN), Hitech GP, 1:32.308 8 Nikita Mazepin (RUS), Hitech GP, 1:32.329
9 Pedro Piquet (BRA), Van Amersfoort Racing, 1:32.353 10 Ralf Aron (EST), Hitech GP, 1:32.376
11 Joey Mawson (AUS), Van Amersfoort Racing, 1:32.415 12 Mick Schumacher (GER), Prema Powerteam, 1:32.497
13 Jehan Daruvala (IND), Carlin, 1:32.506 14 David Beckmann (GER), Motopark, 1:32.529
15 Ferdinand Habsburg (AUT), Carlin, 1:32.660 16 Keyvan Andres Soori (GER), Motopark, 1:32.807
17 Harrison Newey (GBR), Van Amersfoort Racing, 1:32.903 18 Marino Sato (JPN), Motopark, 1:32.957
19 Felipe Drugovich (BRA), Van Amersfoort Racing, 1:32.978 20 Juri Vips (EST), Motopark, 1:32.987
21 Devlin DeFrancesco (CDN), Carlin, 1:33.014


FIA Formula Three Round Thirty Official Classification:

Pos. Driver (Nationality), Team Laps Time/Reason for Retirement
1 Maximilian Günther (GER), Prema Powerteam 22 35:31.488
2 Joel Eriksson (SWE), Motopark 22 +3.585
3 Guanyu Zhou (CHN), Prema Powerteam 22 +14.264
4 Lando Norris (GBR), Carlin 22 +14.780
5 Callum Ilott (GBR), Prema Powerteam 22 +16.085
6 Pedro Piquet (BRA), Van Amersfoort Racing 22 +23.872
7 Nikita Mazepin (RUS), Hitech GP 22 +24.718
8 Jake Hughes (GBR), Hitech GP 22 +24.918; five second penalty for a FCY violation
9 Joey Mawson (AUS), Van Amersfoort Racing 22 +25.559
10 David Beckmann (GER), Motopark 22 +27.603
11 Tadasuke Makino (JPN), Hitech GP 22 +28.848
12 Juri Vips (EST), Motopark 22 +33.283
13 Keyvan Andres Soori (GER), Motopark 22 +37.314
14 Devlin DeFrancesco (CDN), Carlin 22 +38.017
15 Felipe Drugovich (BRA), Van Amersfoort Racing 22 +40.005
16 Marino Sato (JPN), Motopark 22 +45.525
17 Harrison Newey (GBR), Van Amersfoort Racing 22 +50.708; 20 second penalty
18 Mick Schumacher (GER), Prema Powerteam 22 +1:02.738
19 Ralf Aron (EST), Hitech GP 22 +1:30.006
20 Jehan Daruvala (IND), Carlin 22 +1 Lap
Not Classified
Ferdinand Habsburg (AUT), Carlin Suspension Damage


2017 FIA Formula Three European Championship Final Drivers’ Standings:

Pos. Driver (Nationality), Team Points
1 Lando Norris (GBR), Carlin 441
2 Joel Eriksson (SWE), Motopark 388
3 Maximilian Günther (GER), Prema Powerteam 383
4 Callum Ilott (GBR), Prema Powerteam 344
5 Jake Hughes (GBR) 207
6 Jehan Daruvala (IND), Carlin 191
7 Ferdinand Habsburg (AUT), Carlin 186
8 Guanyu Zhou (CHN), Prema Powerteam 149
9 Ralf Aron (EST), Hitech GP 123
10 Nikita Mazepin (RUS), Hitech GP 108
11 Harrison Newey (GBR), Van Amersfoort Racing 106
12 Mick Schumacher (GER), Prema Powerteam 94
13 Joey Mawson (AUS), Van Amersfoort Racing 83
14 Pedro Piquet (BRA), Van Amersfoort Racing 80
15 Tadasuke Makino (JPN), Hitech GP 57
16 David Beckmann (GER), Van Amersfoort Racing/Motopark 45
17 Jake Dennis (GBR), Carlin 41
18 Max Defourney (BEL), Van Amersfoort Racing 2
19 Marino Sato (JPN), Motopark 1
20 Sacha Fenestraz (FRA), Carlin 1