Sunday 19th September 2021

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Japanese F3: Miyata on Top in Okayama Finale

Ritomo Miyata overcame his championship disappointment to end the final Japanese Formula 3 race in Okayama on top. Sakaguchi and Miura Return The final race weekend...

F1: Prost Grand Prix – What went wrong?

In February 1997, former world champion Alain Prost and Peugeot president Jacques Calvet announced the formation of Prost Grand Prix. The successor to the famous...

F1: The Disastrous Story of MasterCard Lola

Founded by Eric Broadley in 1958, Lola have provided chassis for various Formula One teams, as well as teams in Formula 3000, CART and...

Classic Races – 1979 French Grand Prix

The story of 1979 before the eighth round of the Formula 1 season was that of Ferrari success. After a relatively slow start the...