George Howson


George Howson

What’s your role in the team?

Motorsport writer and @essaarLIVE Manager

Where can we find you?

Twitter (@GHSports123)
Facebook (GH Sports)
Instagram (@GHSports123)

What do you like about being a Scuderia Essaar member?

All of the other members are very knowledgeable about their respective categories but most of all they’re all lovely people. Most importantly, they’ve given me my chance to be involved with the sport I love, Formula 1

Which Motorsports do you follow?

F1, GP2, GP3, Formula E

Which is your favourite racetrack?


Which Motorsport occurrence would you most liked to have been in the paddock reporting on first-hand?

Lewis Hamilton’s title win in 2008, would be amazing to see the swing of emotions in the McLaren and Ferrari pits.

Which living Motorsport figure would you most like to have a 20-minute exclusive interview with?

Sir Jackie Stewart

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