Will Moulton


Will Moulton

What’s your role in the team?

Motorsport writer

Where can we find you?

Twitter (@moulton_will)
Instagram (@moulton_will)
Website (https://ransports.wordpress.com)

What do you like about being a Scuderia Essaar member?

Being completely new to the team, I love how friendly everyone is. It’s also great to get to know people with so much more racing knowledge than me, I’ve already learnt so much just from reading what people have to say! 

Which Motorsports do you follow?

F1, Formula E, WRC and BTCC

Which is your favourite racetrack?


Which Motorsport occurrence would you most liked to have been in the paddock reporting on first-hand?

The huge first corner pile-up during the 1998 Belgium Grand Prix. I would’ve loved to have been there in amongst all the chaos with drivers trying to set up the spare cars and, in some cases, teams having to choose which driver would get the one remaining chassis.

Which living Motorsport figure would you most like to have a 20-minute exclusive interview with?

Sir Jackie Stewart

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