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Japanese F3: Miyata on Top in Okayama Finale

Ritomo Miyata overcame his championship disappointment to end the final Japanese Formula 3 race in Okayama on top. Sakaguchi and Miura Return The final race weekend...

F1: Prost Grand Prix – What went wrong?

In February 1997, former world champion Alain Prost and Peugeot president Jacques Calvet announced the formation of Prost Grand Prix. The successor to the famous...

Classic Races – 1979 French Grand Prix

The story of 1979 before the eighth round of the Formula 1 season was that of Ferrari success. After a relatively slow start the...

F1: The Disastrous Story of MasterCard Lola

Founded by Eric Broadley in 1958, Lola have provided chassis for various Formula One teams, as well as teams in Formula 3000, CART and...